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Inducomm recognises and understands the importance of being environmentally friendly and as such comply with all regulations, legislation and codes of conduct relating to our business activities. We aim to encourage others to follow in a positive, environmentally conscious manner and support businesses with their own requirements.

At Inducomm, we have identified the growing concern with industrial cooling and heating equipment and the Global Warming Potential (GWP) from refrigerant emissions. In our efforts to protect the environment we commit to:

  • Reduce the amount of waste we produce
  • Re-use and recycle materials where possible
  • Assess the environmental impacts of the company’s activities
  • Work with partners to develop and implement environmental best practices
  • Where we cannot re-use or recycle old equipment we de-construct and dispose of the raw materials in an environmentally friendly manner
  • Review our environmental policy regularly to ensure we constantly remain compliant and deliver on our promise to protect the environment

Helping Organisations

We’re committed to helping organisations meet their environmental objectives and remain compliant with all local legislation. We help partners and other organisations to develop and implement an environmental policy.

Through our existing relationships, Inducomm meets organisations wishing to recycle or sell their used industrial equipment alongside businesses that wish to minimise their environmental impact by purchasing used heating/ cooling systems. All of our refurbished solutions are thoroughly tested and compliant. We may buy and re-manufacture equipment so it can be re-used and in doing so we will ensure all legislation is adhered to.

Where necessary we will decommission old, un-usable equipment and dispose of the systems in an environmentally friendly process, however if there are parts which can be re-used or replaced we will endeavour to recycle these materials.

Yours Sincerely

Paul Templeton
Managing Director